About Us

Phnom PenhCambodua is one of the fastest developing cities in Asia for business and tourism travelers.

Our aim is to provide a unique, harmonious, quiet and comfortable exclusive boutique hotel for our honorable guest with closer and better service

We had spend more than six months looking for a right place where is convenient for all different kind if guest needed but out of the bustling and crowded city of Phnom Penh, and the guest safety is our first consideration.

Here is a place in the heart of the city exclusively with fresh airy surround by the tropical Khmer greens, with five consulate near by.

With 16rooms, lobby and restaurant designed with the elegant modern classic Khmer style with an unique, succinct, harmonious with out any affectation.

Guest satisfaction is our pleasing and target.
Thank you for choosing Hotel De L Homme, wishing you enjoy all our facilities and have a present stay.